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People's Assemblies

Sub-Saharan Africa is carrying the extreme costs of a climate crisis not of its making. Africa has contributed less than 3% of all carbon emissions since 1880 but is warming faster than any other region in the world. 

 The assembly brings together local actors who daily experience the costs of the rapidly growing climate crisis, including women resisting mining and oil and gas extraction; industrial agriculture, fishing, and forestry; and mega energy and infrastructure projects. People's assembly is the critical gathering of the world’s most impacted to share their experiences and organising strategies, learn from each other, deepen their knowledge and build solidarity with the common cause to build resilience as well as demand Justice.


The assembly worked to strengthened and unify grass roots led struggles against destructive large-scale projects and false solutions to the climate crisis and offer a powerful platform for the communities to propose and shine a light on the REAL development solutions that African people and their communities need to survive now and into the future.

The APCC 2022 was held in the following locations;

South Africa






Cote d' Voire 





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