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What is needed to stop these crises in Africa?

Across the continent people are fighting the false solutions, and developing the real solutions instead. It is system change and transformational action in how we produce and consume energy and food, how we manage our forests and how we structure our economies. We need to change how we determine our development priorities and how we define development. A changed relationship to nature and economies centred around people is needed. One that centers around production for use-value, and care as the primary concern. The systems that oppressed, exploited and dispossessed Africa will never serve its people. We need a different vision, a different development pathway that prioritizes the common good and well being, not the profit and power of individuals. Across the world, people are rising up to fight climate change, to fight dirty wars and dirty energy, and to demand transformation of energy and food systems. 

We call for urgent and deep structural transformations including true agrarian reform, to protect and keep territories (land, oceans, forests, etc) under the control of rural small scale and peasant farmers, pastoralists, indigenous women, mountaineers and fisherfolk. Our governments must prioritize and adopt better public policies that support agroecology, food sovereignty, traditional seed systems and smallholder territorial markets, including the necessary public sector investments to support smallholder farmers and peasants, and provide adequate financing that supports small-scale food producers.

We Africans can and need to work together, to strengthen and consolidate our progressive forces in the African climate justice movement, and bring about a better future for Africa, for a just Africa and for a real Africa uprising.

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