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Africa Climate Justice Group

Politics and Principles


For that to happen, we must adhere to the following principles:

  1. We must be committed to systemic change from capitalism, neo-liberalism, patriarchy and racism and we must promote just development alternatives

  2. We must understand the ethics of anti-capitalist, anti-neoliberal, anti extractivist, anti-patriarchal and anti-racist struggle, and build our progressive forces on its foundations

  3. We must be committed to strengthening a progressive, grassroots, feminist, and movement building approach in our work.

  4. We must be clearly against carbon markets, carbon offsetting, REDD, climate smart agriculture, nature-based solutions, plantations, mega-dams, BECCS, net zero, and other forms of false solutions to climate change which are thrown at communities.

  5. We must be committed to dismantling corporate power and holding transnational corporations (TNCs) accountable for their crimes, and not seeing them as a viable solution for our sustainable future.

  6. We must support communities in their claim to the right to say no to destructive extractive projects.

  7. We must be committed to advocating for real climate just solutions for the people of Africa and the Global South

  8. Our tactics must include outside strategies and tactics of non-violent resistance and watchdogging, not only tactics of reform and ‘sitting at the table’ with governments and/or corporations.

  9. We must be committed to supporting and standing in solidarity with communities in building alternative just development solutions and pathways

  10. We should recognise and advocate for the payment of climate debt owed to the Global South by the Global North.

  11. We must be committed to and support citizen debt audit processes, aimed at the abolition of all illegal, illegitimate and odious debts and also challenge the illicit financial flows out of Africa.

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