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African People’s Counter COP 2 (APCC) 2022

            Reflect! Resist! Rise!

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The Africa Climate Justice Collective (ACJC ) - Made up of 27 movement's based and allied organisations and partners are hosting the second African People's Counter COP (APCC) 2022 from 17 - 21 October.


This time the ACJC is conducting hybrid style event which will feature online sessions and People's Assemblies held throughout the region for at least three sessions in the week, people from around the region and globally will be able to connect virtually to the communities in the assemblies.


The APCC is a moment to build a unified understanding and shared political action towards real solutions to the climate, ecological and social crises facing Africa and the world. It is also a moment to develop and propose viable alternative solutions and reforms to the captured and corrupted COP process.



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Why a People’s Counter COP in Africa?

For 27years, Climate negotiations have been blocked and curtailed at every turn, instead of taking decisive actions to address the root causes of the crisis, big corporations, with the support of some scientists and powerful governments, have used the space to promote and propagate false solutions, which would provide them with the means to expand their control over the global populations and our common natural resources. They don't want to take financial, legal or any other responsibility for the damage caused, or to genuinely transform in the face of climate change as that would bring in less profit.


Even as we face an impending global food crisis brought on by climate crisis and exacerbated by the current armed conflicts and global proxy wars, powerful forces keep escalating land grabbing and attacking Africa food and seed systems, further risking the biodiversities of our foods and territories.


Against the fraught backdrop, Africa is already facing the brunt of the impact of the climate and other intersecting crises and stands to face the brunt of their impacts despite having historically contributed least to them. The way out of this crisis to heal the land, fairly compensate those who are most directly affected for this activity to support a real transition towards a sustainable energy system, the detoxification of the global food and the shortening of food value-chains of agriculture and a rapid reduction in wasteful consumption in all parts of the world.


Just like the previous COPs, again COP 26 failed us. Do we continue to expect change from this year's COP 27 in Egypt? We urgently need to push for a total overhaul of the captured and corrupted COP process and to fight for a real transformation of our global system away from a capitalist, patriarchal, racist and neo-colonial order. The people of Africa are called to come together to REFLECT, RESIST AND RISE UP!

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We are a group of African civil society organizations, movements of women, peasant communities, African citizens and more, that are fighting for climate justice, and standing in solidarity with the people of the world, especially those in the front lines of the impacts of the climate crisis.  We see the urgent need to organize the progressive flank of the broadly defined ‘climate justice’ movement in Africa, to strengthen our voices and demands for systemic change from capitalism and its twin forces of racism and patriarchy that created this pandemic.

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Who is the African Climate Justice Collective?

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