African People’s Statement on COP 26 - Rise Up and Demand Climate Justice!

Adopted at the African People’s Counter COP, 27 October 2021


The Africa Climate Justice Group is inviting you to sign on to the African People’s Statement on COP26 – Rise Up and Demand Climate Justice!

The statement has come out of the African People’s Counter COP that was hosted last week and featured 18 sessions on a host of topics related to the climate crisis and climate justice responses.


We are intending to publicly release the statement on the Africa Day of Action on Climate on the 5th November, receive some media coverage, and will send the statement together with our demands to our African Group of negotiators and other governments and institutions.  


The endorsement process will, however, continue until the end of the COP26 in Glasgow on 12th November. So for the next week and a half feel free to sign on and share with your networks to have them sign on.


Thanks for your support!