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Signatários iniciais

  • Centre for Alternative Research and
    Studies (CARES), Mauritius

  • Centre for Natural Resources Governance
    (CNRG), Zimbabwe

  • Diálogo dos Povos – África Austral

  • Friends of the Earth Africa

  • Grain Africa

  • GroundWork (Friends of the Earth South Africa)

  • Health of Mother Earth Foundation8.

  • Justiça Ambiental (Friends of the Earth Mozambique)

  • Khelkom Fishers Association

  • La Via Campesina Africa

  • Lumiere Synergie pour le Developpement (LSD)

  • People’s Dialogue Southern Africa

  • Rural Women’s Assembly

  • Save Lamu movement, Kenya

  • South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA)

  • We Are The Solution movement

  • WoMin African Alliance

  • World March of Women

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