APCC 2022 Statement: Challenging injustice in a time of Transition: - African People’s Climate Justice
Declaration to African Governments 


The Africa Climate Justice Collective (ACJC) is inviting you to sign on  to the African People’s Declaration to the COP 27.

The Declaration was developed by convenors who make up ACJC – a platform made up of 27 movement-based and allied organisations and partners - over a period of  5 weeks. It is the first part of the African People’s Counter COP which will have main moments from 17-21 October 2022.

Find the declaration using the link: here  

Find the declaration using the link:  here 




The endorsement process will, however, continue until the end of the COP 27 in Egypt. So feel free to sign on and share with your networks to have them sign on.


Thanks for your support!